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We are a family run local tea company. Creating gourmet blends that are simply divine to sip iced on a steamy summer night, or hot on a long winter evening, and serving the joy, are our passions. All of our teas are blended with as many local ingredients as possible, straight from the garden, farm, forest, and briar patch. Minimum order 9 dollars.

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Support our partnership with Children's of Alabama and donate to their cause. Each dollar donated will help Children's of Alabama save lives, provide world-class care, find new ways to improve pediatric health, and create brighter futures for our kids.

Briar Patch Brew (Caffeine Free)

The name does it justice. The pain suffered to harvest this delightful tea only accentuates is specialness. Blackberries and raspberries taunt all comers to earn the right to taste their deliciousness. The Briar Patch welcomes hibiscus who decided to also invite lemongrass and sage to join an otherwise exclusive club. Seasonal berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, raisins, and currants), their leaves, and lemony herbs blend together to make this incredibly juicy tisane.

Capri Cream (Caffeinated)

Wiinter's demise invites the birth of Spring. Bravely rebuking the spring frost, fully-ripened, harvested, and dried local persimmons melt seamlessly into this palate-pleasing nectar, anchored by a delightfully milky oolong tea. Curled and twisted into small balls for hibernation, the brewed oolong unfurls with the sunshine into a tea so sweet, wmooth, and refreshing you'll want to take it for all your hibernation-ending needs. Say hello to the sun, to endless spring, to Capri Cream.

Chocola-Tea (Caffeinated)

Rich, Dark, and Surprising /Dried local figs get the taste bud farrago started in style. Sure, dairy-free chocolate chips are the star, but the subtlety of texture and lightness achieved without sacrificing realness is brought by the earthy cacao nibs, locally dark roasted cracked coffee beans, and of course the black tea base. An absolutely sensational black tea with real cacao nibs, cocoa, a hint of coffee, figs, and a mysterious herbal blend.

Front Porch Special (Caffeinated)

SophisticateExactly what it sounds like. All the nostalgia of a hot-weathered portico framed sunset accompanied by a cicada symphony. Local jasmine, spearmint from our garden, and cornflower collaborate with bergamot infused Assam and Ceylon black leaves to pull off this sublime take on a southern tradition. If you want to sip or serve the perfect pitcher of iced tea at your next dinner party or barbecue, this will really make an impression.d, Minty, Floral /

Monks Meditation (Caffeinated)

Deep, Rich, Complex / A traditional favorite with a pensive twist of calming catnip paradoxically at one with the invigorating caffeine of the Ceylon tea and the sweet Grenadine and vanilla. Mysterious and entrancing! This blend is a favorite.

Old Fashioned Birthday Cake (Caffeinated)

Breakfast Tea, Rich, Floral / Some like it hot, some like it cold. Birthday Cake never simultaneously tasted so indulgent yet so sensible. A premium Ceylon black tea, infused with bergamot and vanilla, blended with locally grown and dried lavender flowers, and garnished with cornflowers.

*Currently Unavailable*Orchard Peach (Caffeine Free)

Tropical, Floral, Vibrant / Despite the sin of not actually having tea leaves, this ambrosial tisane does its penance in spades. Brought quite literally down to earth with the hibiscus flower and dried rose hips, the peaches, papaya and pineapple combine into a deep, nuanced flavor that is simple, healthful and deliciously hydrating.

Piper Mint Blues (Caffeine Free)

Sweet Mint. Sharp Fruit Overtones. Mellow Finish / Sparkling peppermint fronts the ensemble, directing the delicious chorus. Wintergreen and spearmint pierce through with crisp high hat taps. Jamming out mellow bass notes are the smooth blueberries. The heart of this refreshing blues ballad is the vibrant, haunting solo of the butterfly pea flower.Impossibly colorful, this floral crooner sings to your thirsty soul. Let's welcome to the stage: Piper Mint Blues.

Strawberry Shindig (Caffeine Free)

Lush, Juicy, Tart / Like a good party host, the Strawberry lets the Apples do a lot of the talking. Balanced with an herbal concoction that cant help being a favorite. What is lacks in terms of caffeine, it makes up in refreshment.

Summertime Chai (Caffeinated)

Light, Subtle, Spicy / Not content to relegate itself to only watch the leaves of fall and those of absorbing books during a rainstorm, the summertime chai breaks down all weather barriers with its smooth spiciness. A Light & Breezy Chai.

Sassyfras Strawberry (Caffeinated)

Old-Fashioned Blend, Subtle, Complex, Earthy / Invigorating freshly-mown green tea and beets prelude, slightly astringent sassafras second act, sweet and triumphant strawberry finale which is tantalizingly fettered.

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Choose from Briar Patch Brew, Cherry Christmas, Capri Cream, Chocola-Tea, Front Porch Special, Mistletoe Grove, Monks Meditation, Old Fashioned Birthday Cake, Orchard Peach, Piper Mint Blues, Strawberry Shindig, Summertime Chai, or Sassyfras Strawberry


Choose from Briar Patch Brew, Cherry Christmas, Capri Cream, Chocola-Tea, Front Porch Special, Mistletoe Grove, Monks Meditation, Old Fashioned Birthday Cake, Orchard Peach, Piper Mint Blues, Strawberry Shindig, Summertime Chai, or Sassyfras Strawberry



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